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FIBClean bag cleaning machine

VALUE features

VALUE features

  • Ensure Cleanliness in Your Packaging Process
  • Eliminate Cross-Contamination of Allergens
  • Maintain lot-to-lot Integrity
  • Remove Process and Foreign Debris
  • Cycle Time Savings and Productivity Gains
  • Designed for Food and Pharmaceutical Environments
  • Powerful Airflow for Thorough Cleaning
  • Safe and Ergonomic Operation
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Adjustable for all Bag Heights, from 3 ft to 8 ft

Minimal Labor
        Maximum Clean

Minimal Labor
         Maximum Clean

TECHNICAL features

TECHNICAL features

  • Airflow of 2,000+ CFM
  • UL Approved Electrical Components
  • Food Grade SS316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • FDA Compliant Paint
  • HEPA F9 Filtration
  • Multi-stage Safety for Hood Height
  • Safety Power Lock-Out
  • Suitable for Single and Double Spout Bags

Safe and Ergonomic Operation

Safe and Ergonomic

FIBClean technical features

Leesona’s FIBClean™ line of machines are designed to thoroughly clean FIBC Bulk Bags for contaminant–free reuse in a variety of environments, including the most demanding food and pharmaceutical applications. Remove cross-contamination of allergens, maintain lot–to–lot integrity, and remove all process and foreign debris with FIBClean™. Building upon our 130–year legacy of developing process technologies for the technical textile industry, Leesona is proud to provide sanitation support for FIBC packaging processes in all high-critical applications.

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