Replacement Parts

We are the only source for genuine Leesona parts, we carry approximately 26,000 parts for all models of Leesona equipment and the “High Usage” parts can be dispatched within hours of your order reaching our factory.

To assist our customers, we accept orders by mail, phone, fax, and email. We also accept most major credit cards. Arrangements can be made for blanket orders to be placed thus ensuring the best pricing available. We will stock these parts and only invoice at the time of shipping.

Technical Training & Service

Winder Technician Training Service

Factory Level Training on LEESONA Winders and Take-Up Machines

Our service engineer will provide a training program for your winder technicians that is focused on your specific equipment. Training will include disassembly, reassembly, adjustments, and troubleshooting of the machines. The engineer will also work with your technicians to solve package formation problems and provide answers to all your technicians’ questions. A workforce that has been trained by experts from Leesona will ensure quality and optimal performance of Leesona’s state-of-the-art equipment from the onset.

Leesona repair service

Repair & Refurbishment

We operate a repair service within our factory. Qualified personnel who have been individually trained by Leesona’s electronic engineer carry out this work.

We can repair most Drive Boards, Transducers, Transformer Boxes, Counters, Sensor Cards, VIP Cards, Invertors, Transducer Checkers, Positioning Cards, Cable Assemblies, Compensator Wheels, Motors, and Compensator Panels. Our work is guaranteed and turnaround is normally carried out in 7-10 days after receipt of the defective items at our plant. However, under certain circumstances, motors can take up to four weeks.

We also provide refurbishment of your existing equipment. A refurbishment process results in a reconditioned machine that is completely stripped down, all the bearings and belts replaced, repainted, and put into first-class working order. These machines leave our factory with the same warranty as a new machine.

Leesona repair and refurbishment

Upgrade Parts

Our engineers are continuously looking for ways to make our equipment better. These upgrades can be adapted to many older machines. Over recent years these upgrades have included:

  • New state-of-the-art electronic drives.
  • A self-adjusting dampening device.
  • New guards and covers to meet stricter OSHA and ECC regulations.
  • Pneumatically controlled tension and head pressure, with or without relieving devices.
  • Electronic wind ratio control available as an optional upgrade
Leesona winding machine